Message of President


In the name of God


With the greeting to the professors, colleagues and students in the wound and tissue repair field

I am proud to invite you to the 3rd international congress and the 5th national congress of wound healing and tissue repair.

This congress will be held by the aim of enhancing the therapeutic services in the wound healing and tissue repair. It will be for 3 days from 26- 28th of the September 2018 in Razi conference hall.

This congress seems to be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in all areas of wound healing and tissue repair, especially in clinical and basic sciences fields that are currently facing lots of challenges.

It is hoped that, with the participation of clinicians and active scientists, the exchange of ideas and thoughts practical solutions to the challenges and problems would be provided and achievements would be brought to the public health.

My colleagues in the scientific and executive committees of the congress and I hope that the participation of national and international lecturers and experts, holding workshops and the organizing of the exhibition, provide the basic knowledge for the interested learners. We are looking forward to your active participation in the upcoming congress.


Seyed Mahdi Tabaie M.D


3rd international congress and

5th national congress

of wound and tissue repair