مقالات پذیرفته شده جهت ارائه به صورت شفاهی


کد مقاله   نویسنده پاسخگو عنوان مقاله
1   Chehelcheraghi Farzaneh Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Chicken Embryo Extract on Flap Viability and Mast Cells in Rat Skin Flaps
22   Zafari Fariba CD93 Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) Improve Diabetic Wound Healing by VEGF Activation and downregulation of DAPK-1
24   Bagheri Tooran Comparing the Effects of Topical Application of Honey and Nitrofurazone Ointment on the Treatment of Second-degree Burns with Limited Area: a randomized clinical trial 
34   Shakiba Saeed Possible Involvement of Nitric Oxide in Antipruritic Effect of Metformin on Chloroquine-Induced Scratching in Mice
36   Nourbakhsh Fahimeh Evaluation of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemase-Producing isolated from wound infectious in Isfahan, Iran
38   Nourbakhsh Fahimeh Frequency of rmpA, magA and fimH Genes among  Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from wound infectious in Isfahan, Iran
49   Hashemi Maryam Effect of Chamomile Cream on degree 1 Pressure ulcer Improvement in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units
50   Safari Sima Post radiation skin damage and the effect of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ASCs)
51   Shahgholi Mehdi Therapeutic effect of zinc supplementation on histological features and stability of experimental colonic anastomosis in rat
52   Alizadeh mohajer Baharan Effects of enteral pretreatment with zinc sulfate on colonic anastomosis repair in rats 
57   Sabourian Parinaz Preparation of Chitosan - based Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery Applications in Nerve Tissue
59   Raisi Atiyeh Fabrication of Carboxymethyl chitosan / diopside biocomposite- ZnFe2O3 using freeze drying technique for wound dressing application
60   Pazhouhnia Zahra 3D printed scaffold based on GelMA/Gelatin hydrogel for full thickness wounds
62   Sadat-Ebrahimi Seyyed-Reza Assessment of Frequency and Risk Factors for Surgical Wound Infections in Patients Undergoing Surgeries due to Acute Abdomen in Sina Teaching Hospital in Tabriz; a Cohort Study
95   Nobakht Afsaneh Iranian Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior on Skin Care, Prevention and Management of Pressure Injury: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study
99   Moghaddam Asma The Angiogenetic Effect of Resveratrol on DermalWound Healing in BALB/c mice
100   Sarkhail Parisa Wound healing activity of 3-epimasticadienolic acid from Pistachio hulls
106   Mahboub Maryam A comparative study on the impacts of the Aloe Vera Gel and the Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1% on healing, itching and pain of burn wounds: A randomized clinical trial
109   Safari Anahid Combination of Wharton‘s jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells conditioned medium and collagen Scaffold can introduce a new therapeutic potential for wound healing
113   Amani Mohamad A novel synthesis of highly stable PHMB coated silver nanoparticles colloids with Strong and Stable Antimicrobial Activity
114   Doozandeh Zahra Evaluation of bedsore wounds in children and prevention of hospitalization infection using Arabic gum
121   Ghaee Fatemeh Preparation and characterization of composite cellulose acetate nanofibers incorporating MOF nanoparticles as antibacterial wound dressing
123   Mohammadi Fatideh Fereshteh Biodegradable blend natural polymers as composite sponges for wound dressing applications
124   Minai-Tehrani Arash Design and production of an advanced wound dressing based on natural polymers in combination with specified nanoparticles for the treatment of infected wounds
126   Ghanepour Masoud Comparison of smart and conventual bandage to control optimal wound conditions and monitor the emergence of critical wound condition
128   Farazin Ashkan Fabrication of polymeric wound dressing using by bio ceramic nano-particles for rapid healing of trauma wounds by freeze-drying method
129   Samadi Sarvenaz Morphometric and Histopathologic Evaluation of the Comparison of the Effects of Topical Nanoemulsions of Mentha piperita Spray and Mentha Piperita Alcoholic Extract on Open Wound Healing
132   Moslem Zahra Chitosan/ poly(L-lactide) polymeric nanofibers containing Imipenem antibiotic: synthesis, antibacterial properties and drug release for wound dressing 
133   Moslem Zahra Preparation and evaluation Chitosan/ poly(L-lactide) polymeric nanofibers containing Imipenem antibiotic for fibroblast cell culture in wound healing 
134   Ebrahimzade Mohammadreza Compare The Effect of Adipocyte-derived Stem Cells and Curcumin nanoLiposomes with 
135   Samanipour Reza  Acellular Dermis Freeze-Dried Membrane good treatment choice alternative instead of autograft
139   Abdollahpour-Alitappeh Meghdad Lacto-N-fucopentaose (LNFP III) loaded electrospun Polydioxanone (PDO) scaffolds in treatment of non-healing wounds: a combination of biological and mechanical modulation of type 2 immune response and MQ polarization toward M2 macrophage 
148   Khalighi Sadaf Fabrication of Thick Scaffold with Microfluidic Channels by Bio-printer
149   Rajabi Maleki Nima Evaluation of the Effect of Using Pericardial Membrane and Xenograft Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Bone Healing in Rats
159   Talkhabi Mahmood vitamin C enhances cardiac cells production via partial reprogramming of mouse fibroblasts  
160   Talkhabi Mahmood wnt signaling enhances proliferation and osteogenesis and suppresses adipogenesis of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell 
168   Sarbazi Ali Study of the Influence of Training on Quality of Life in Patients with Diabetic Foot in Teaching Hospitals of Urumia
171   Vaziri Yashar Comparison of the effectiveness of local consumption of Propolis Nanoemulsion Spray and Propolis Alcoholic Extract in healing open skin wounds.
172   Rasouli Sahar  Comparison between the wound disinfection effects of alcohol-based and nanosilver-based solutions 
179   Parham Shokoh Antibacterial Activity Of Alumina - Titania  Nanoparticles Loaded On Cellulose
185   Soleimanifar Manijeh Physical therapy in diabetic foot ulcer treatment
186   Fatemi Neda sadat  A Comparison of Braden and Norton Scales Regarding the Risk of Pressure Ulcer Development in a University Hospital
187   Yaghoubi Yoda The Effect of Decellularized Warton’s Jelly in Cell Culture, Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering
193   Shamekhi Lida Incidence and risk factors of Medical device related pressure ulcer in patients admitted to the intensive care units
194   Sharahi Melika Electrospun PCL / Gelatin hybrid fibrous scaffold containing biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) as a novel bone substitutes 
195   Zarei Leila Effect of Chitosan/Propolis biodegradable film on full thickness wound healing in rats
197   Hajihosseinali Majid A Novel Patient-Specific 3D Bio-Printed Wound Dressing Incorporated With Platelet-Rich Plasma
198   Arabi Mehran Mixorm: A potent wound healer derived from whole body extract of earthworm Lumbricus rubella
199   Arabi Mehran Skin wound healing in diabetic mice by extract from earthworm Lumbricus rubellus
202   Mousivand Zahra preparation of biodegradable scaffold loaded with Argireline for wound healing
204   Shahravi Zahra Design of novel blend of Gellan gum / polyvinyl alcohol as nanofibrous scaffold for wound dressings with appropriate mechanical properties
211   Ghazvinian Farnaz Histopathological evaluation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BMSCs) effect on open skin lesions healing
215   Tavakolizade Maryam A Dual Self-Healable Hydrogel based on Salep / Poly (vinyl alcohol) with Excellent Adhesiveness for Wound Dressing
216   Emzhik marjan Application of Nanoparticles for Psoriasis lesion
222   Arzani Parisa The effects of Vacuum - assisted closure  therapy system in treating chronic non - healing wounds
227   Talaei Sam Formulation and Preclinical Evaluation of Biodegradable Adhesive for Wound Closure
229   Pouy Somaye  The effect of VCT on wound healing in diabetic patients
240   Honarmand Maryam Effects of topical application of coumarin on incisional wound healing in BALB/c mice
243   Tahrekhani Mehran The prevalence and frequency of nosocomial infection in the burn ward of Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital in Zanjan between 2013 and 2019
245   Ghaffari Jasem Larval Therapy and Prevention of Amputation in Burning Ulcer Patients: A Case Study in Shahid Motahari Hospital, Tehran
248   Dehnavi Navid Evaluation of PGA / Collagen and PGA / Collagen / Bioglass conduits in peripheral nerve defect regeneration
258   Mozafarpoor Samaneh Erb-Fractionl laser, a promising modality for treatment of chronic wounds in Epidermolysis Bullosa, a case report
262   Rahimi Asiyeh medication-related osteonecrosis of jaw
265   Zare Sona Transplantation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Diabetic Ulcer in Animal Model
268   Keshmiri Neghab  Hoda Stimulation of Cardiomyocyte by Light
270   Raisi Abbas Comparing Healing Effects of Olive Leaf Extract Ointment and Dermaheal Ointment on Cutaneous Wound in Diabetic Rat